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Ly Hour Leasing PLC is established in early 2015 with registration number Co. 3309 KH/2015 issued by the Ministry of Commerce on September 9, 2015 and received the business license from the National Bank of Cambodia in April 08, 2016. Ly Hour Leasing is a leading company in Cambodia which is providing financial lease to the customer nationwide for vehicle purchase as installment payment include car, motor, tuk tuk for business purpose as well as personal use. We also have the good quality cars for sale and nice car for rent which is the best choice for customer who need to use for only a short period. Along with our vision, mission and clear business strategic plan with resourceful staff that mostly having strong background experience in banking sector, Ly Hour Leasing has become the outstanding company in providing the best service to its customer included price and customer service’s quality. We are ready to serve our customer with convenience and benefit from using our service as well as contribute to economic growth through good service quality that come from our professional staff.
The company provides the products and services for the customers, through its ethical and professional staff as follows:

  1. Financial Lease by Ly Hour Leasing Plc to buy vehicle (care or motorbike) in collaboration with business partners who are vehicle sellers across the country.
  2. Car Rental by City Link Co., Ltd.
  3. Car Sales by XLX Auto Co., Ltd.
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