Message from President

Cambodia, located in South East Asia, is rich in natural resources and ancient heritages. Over the last two decades, Cambodia has been transformed from a land in crisis to a land of peace and favorable investment opportunity with free and open market for both local and foreign investors. A long with political and social stability, the Cambodia’s economy has steadily grown at average 7% per year in the last decade, and it is optimistically expected to further grow in the years to come.
With the above said conducive environment and potentials in this beautiful country, Ly Hour Group has invested in multi-industries including residential development and construction, financial industry, insurance sector and greenfield agro-industry and so on. Our investment and business journey since 1986 have gradually become successful thanks to our adherence to the principles of integrity, honesty, transparency, and fair treatment to all customers as our long-term business partners.
Established as the strategic investment company with a history of successful investment in a diverse range of industries and a trustworthy business partner, the Ly Hour Group is currently recognized as the most dynamic and leading business conglomerate in Cambodia. Based on our successful experiences and continuous supports from all stakeholders, we are committed to expanding our existing business and investment into a new industry in the years to come.
We will pursue our mission to serve clienteles and closely work with the Royal Government of Cambodia and all stakeholders to realize our vision. Last but not least, we are at the Ly Hour Group delighted to welcome you to discuss about your investment needs and long-term business partnership with us.


Oknha Ly Hour

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